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Band of Coders Show

Apr 8, 2020

Tech leaders of small and medium-sized businesses, this one's for you today...Bobby John is the CEO of Band of Coders, an 18 year old software development company who’s built software for some amazing brands like Uber and the Atlanta Braves. We’ve known each other for 7 years and recently started to build projects together last year, thus, this podcast was born.

In today’s episode, you’re getting a glimpse into a large conversation that Bobby and are having right now about the future of software automation….we talk about why building a resilient company is a make-or-break strategy in these crazy times, how it’s time for small and medium sized companies to jump on the bandwagon, and at the end you’ll hear Bobby give one piece of advice for tech leaders who are navigating questions regarding where to start.

This was an insightful episode considering the cuts companies have had to make during this global pandemic, however, companies are also starting to ask where they can put their money in a way that allows them to grow even amidst a difficult time.

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